One man, one small idea-one very BIG impact.  John’s experiences raising a special needs child made him realize that there was a need to build a network to find these young adults jobs. To raise awareness and help build up these social circles, he developed a 12-Step Program to facilitate that.  Starting from scratch, John needed a website to make more details available and to encourage organic growth within his already established networks.


After a business planning and website consultation meeting, John and I got to work on a site-map that would help focus his program onto paper. As he continued to build out his program, we worked to finalize his site layout and the design.  The entire project started with one idea in mind, and grew into something even better.

Next Steps:

Unfortunately, as John’s program developed, it changed in ways he wasn’t expecting and went in a different direction.  I wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors!

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