A physical trainer with years of experience and a solid client base, was looking to get to the next level-with both his clients and his online presence. Armed with nothing but a simple Facebook page and his current clients telephone numbers, Matt knew that I could help him improve his game.


After a customized interview, and some insightful questions, Matt had spilled his guts and I had a great concept of exactly what he was looking for himself and his training for the near and far term.  I incorporated these goals into what his website would look like now, where we would get to in a few years and how social media and simple search engine optimization could impact his business.  After careful planning, design and discussion, Matt now has a fully functional website with an easy to use content management system.  His call-to-action buttons drive new visitors to take action with their health and sign up for a free transformation session, while returning clients can add their testimonials and order Apex Training gear.

Looking for someone you can trust? I highly recommend Meghan. Her professional recommendations and great insights provided for instant results! She will go above and beyond to make sure you are completely happy with your designs.

Physical Trainer

Next Steps:

Technology is always changing, which means my work is never done..  Next steps for Apex Training is to get going with the ad campaign and to add an actual shopping cart to the website.  Stay tuned for more!

Apex Training